Our Team

A tradition of integrity, honesty and creativity

A passion passed down through the generations. An experienced, hands-on management team ensures maximum quality of all products manufactured. We value respect in our relationships not only with each other, but also with our customers, and the world at large.

Matthew Moore - President

Matthew Moore


Matthew Moore has over 10 years experience in the marine safety sector. He is in charge of managing, supporting and supervising business development. He is also responsible for the acquisition of new projects, tenders, clarifying goals and reaching agreements that maintain the interests of everyone involved. Matthew is also very focused on meeting relative industry certifications and standards. His outside interests include hockey, Formula 1, entrepreneurship and time with family outdoors.

Dr. Arthur Diskin Business Development & CMO

Dr. Arthur Diskin

Business Development & CMO

Dr. Diskin brings his commitment to safety and quality to Canada Rope and Twine to assist in bringing cutting-edge products to the emergency medical services community and the maritime industry, including cruise lines, mega-yachts and cargo ships.

Carla Gimelli - Quality Assurance Manager

Carla Gimelli

Quality Assurance Manager

Carla joined Canada Rope and Twine in January 2018. Her experience with ISO:9001-2015 standard in manufacturing well help ensure our production team to manufacture all our cordage products to the highest standard. Carla is in charge of the companies continuing improvement, innovation, meeting regulatory standards and highly regarded customer satisfaction.

David Moore

David Moore has over 35 years experience in the rope and cordage industry, in all aspects of manufacturing and distribution of rope products. David oversees the selection of assets and contributes to overall business development.

Quentin Moore

Quentin Moore adds over 65 years of experience in the rope, cordage and marine industries to the management team. His long-term relationships with a wide variety of industry leaders is a huge asset in helping our business accelerate growth.

Swarn Combo

Swarn Combo holds an electrical engineering degree and is the factories senior product manager and has been designing ropes over the past 40 years for many leading companies in North America. In an industry that in many ways, is regarded as a craft, his experience is vital to Canada Rope and Twine’s exceptionally high quality of manufacturing ropes.