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We are proud to announce that all of our products are manufactured based on the SGS certified ISO:9001-2015 standard. We believe in providing a product that we are confident in, and that you can trust.

Bulwark Safety X
Bulwark Safety X

Superior strength with low elongation.   The worlds first three in one kernmantle static rope.  Featuring twisted nylon 6.6 core with a 16 carrier braided HTP inner sheath and a 32 carrier HTP outer sheath.

Dual core protection with ultimate abrasion elements.  9.5mm- 12.5mm.  Less milking with supple feeling and easy knotabliity when we designed this rope.

Bulwark Safety X2 Spec Sheet

Ferrata Line

Ferrata high stretch rope features a spliceable braided nylon sleeve over a braided nylon core. Due to its high strength and elongation, nylon is the ideal choice where shock absorbency is required. It has a melting point at 496° F and a loss of strength at 248° F.

Ferrata line is offered in polyester as well.  CR&T offers same diameters in red, orange, black navy

Available to U.S. Military Specification MIL-R-24677.

Download Spec Sheet Double Braided

Harvest Line

Ease of transportation with the Harvest Line, a braided 24 strand blend of polypropylene and polyester, with braided surface attachment points and a weighted core, making it the proven line in world leading hatcheries.

In addition, it has superior spat collection and retention, and can be easily stripped with minimal damage

Download Harvest Line Spec Sheet

Night Saver Line
Night Saver

Night Saver Rope has been designed to be highly visible in both day and night. Illuminating in the dark, it greatly enhances visibility as a reference guide back to safety for distress persons and first responders during rescue operations.

Night Saver Rope is ten times stronger than steel wire rope and has built in UV inhibitors to combat the elements exposed to at sea. Night Saver Rope is cost effective, only 10% more than existing heaving and rescue lines currently available.

Download Night Saver Rope Spec Sheet