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Offshore Rope In Action

Canada Rope and Twine: From Idea to Business in Less Than a Year

While working offshore on the oil rigs in Australia; Matthew Moore’s wheels were turning with product ideas. He noticed that there was a demand worldwide for innovation on existing products that were being used in the rope access and marine safety sectors. With the advice from his father who has been working in rope manufacturing for over 35 years, Matthew knew he had ideas that were viable and needed to be turned into reality. That’s when Canada Rope and Twine Ltd. was born.

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Matthew Moore Canada Rope And Twine Ltd

Glow-In-The-Dark Rope Could Be A High-Seas Lifesaver

Matthew Moore’s friend died by going overboard at night near Yarmouth, N.S.

“Man overboard!”

Those words represent every sailor’s nightmare — but imagine the possibility for tragedy when the disaster happens at night.

Matthew Moore, who has spent a lifetime sailing Nova Scotia’s waters, knows the danger all too well. That’s why his new company, Canada Rope and Twine Ltd., has developed a life-saving rope that glows in the dark.

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