Canada Rope and Twine Announces The Launch of Night Saver Rope

Now this sounds like a bright idea! Halifax-based Canada Rope and Twine Ltd. has announced the launch of Night Saver Rope, a luminescent rope that the company believes will assist in saving lives at sea. The official launch date is March 1, 2017.

Night Saver Rope will illuminate at night time and act as a reference guide back to safety for a person in distress. This rope is ten times stronger than steel wire rope and has built in UV inhibitors to combat the elements exposed at sea. This rope is extremely cost effective in being only 10% more in cost then current heaving line and rescue lines on the market today. Beyond Canada Night Saver Rope will be available through distributors throughout North America, Australia and South Africa who are located in coastal water areas.

Matthew Moore, President of Canada Rope and Twine is very proud of the new product, “The Night Saver Rope is a no-brainer to be used when at sea. Not only with its breaking strength and chemical properties in which makes the rope virtually indestructible. It glows at night!”

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